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Deep Space Communications

Welcome to this new section of the Seti Research Web Site where we will attempt to publish ideas and concepts bought to us on the subject of Communications over the vast distances between the stars.
Neil Boucher, who is a member of our Scientific Advisory Board is the author of the very popular "Cellular Radio Handbook" which is the "Bible" for those associated with the cellular radio industry. Neil, who is a keen supporter of our Seti project, has been working on his latest update to the book. During this update process he has rewritten many sections in the ever continual update process that unfortunately occurs in the communications industry mainly due to the high rate of technical evolution that is occurring. During his re-work of the "scientific calculator" he discovered some interesting relationships between frequency and path loss which is the subject of more scrutiny in his paper.


We plan to publish many of his papers in the future and for those keen on building their own Seti Stations, a concise set of calculators that will allow you to easily calculate the path loss of a signal you want to send to Alpha Centauri should you wish to do so, a must for those serious Seti enthusiasts. The calculator will be available for download for free shortly once the beta testing is completed.


You can peruse Neil's Bio Data on our Advisory Board page linked from the main page or press here for a direct link.


Any questions on his paper can be directed directly to Neil at
Thank You.




The Directors and Scientific Advisory Board members of The Seti Research & Community Development Institute Limited.