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Advisory Board

A group of Scientists and Engineers has been selected to form part of the Institute's advisory board.

We are very proud to have such a distinguished group who will provide their time and skills to help us make decisions that will have far reaching consequences for the development of the systems employed at the centre. The advisory board members are not paid for their work on behalf of the Institute as the appointment is an honorary position.

Their names are listed below and their comprehensive Resume can be viewed by clicking on the respective name. Our Advisory Board is in limbo until we get the ground work for the site works completed. When the appropriate local Government regulations have been seen to we will start construction of the site.

  • Dr Wayne Thresher. Bio Chemist SETI Research Founding Member for
    New Zealand [view pdf]
  • Professor Edwin Budding. Astronomer , Astrophysicist, Professorial Fellow, C.I.T.
    Wellington New Zealand [view pdf]
  • Neil Boucher, Radio Engineer. Seti League Member. [view pdf]
  • Brett Mills, Civil & Structural Engineer. [view pdf]
  • Dr Ragbir Bhathal [view pdf]