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Fund Raising

The 2002/2003 financial year will see a flurry of activity in the fund raising Activities of the Research Institute. We plan to raise funds by the following methods.

  1. Memberships
  2. Art Unions Donations
  3. Corporate Sponsorships
  4. Open Days and Lecture Nights about Seti by visiting Scientists
  5. Sales of "SETI" goods such as "T" shirts, Caps, Mouse pads etc.


We are now accepting memberships for people and organisations that wish to become involved with the SETI in Australia Project. Various types of memberships are available from the Institute as set out below:-

Normal Membership $100.00 for first year, $75.00 per year thereafter.

Student Membership $ 50.00 per year

Lifetime Membership $1,500.00 once only payment

Sponsorship Member $10,000 per annum.

This includes the use of a section on one of our dishes for advertising purposes.
Advisory Board Membership Available by invitation only.

The Seti Research & Community Development Institute has applied to the Australian Tax Office to be recognized as a Research institute. This will make us an Income Tax Exempt Organisation and allow contributions to be tax deductible. We will advise when this status is achieved.

Art Unions

Plans have been drawn up for us to conduct an Art Union to raise funds for the Institute. The laws in Queensland are very specific as to how these events are run and we are in the process of obtaining permission to run this art union.


Donations can be made at any time simply by sending the amount by cheque or money order to the institutes address at - P.O. Box 1242 Kenmore QLD Australia 4069, or by direct deposit into our trust account. (Details available on request)

Corporate Sponsorship

We are now accepting inquiries from interested parties who want more information about our corporate sponsorship program. As mentioned earlier, the Institute will be obtaining Research status from the Australian Tax Office. This means that certain forms of donations are tax deductible. Corporate Sponsors will have the use of a panel around the side of one of the 40ft Dishes. This fence (Faraday Shield) will be slightly higher than 1 metre and located around the circumference of the dishes. We expect to have 22 panels available for this purpose. Please let us know if you are interested in booking some space to hang your name or advertise your product.

Open Days Lectures etc

There are no plans for these activities a present. Keep an eye on this section for details as they arise. We plan to have  fund raising events at the site in BOONAH when the site preparations are complete and it is safe for the public to come on site. Plenty of advance warning will be given for this event. One of our directors, Mr. Noel C. Welstead is available for bookings for talks to your club or organization that wants to know more about our project or SETI in general. Send an email for further details.

Keep a watch on the "What's New" page for further news of our activities as it will be updated regularly. Also the "News Flash" bar for ground breaking news.