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Join Us

As the Seti Research & Community Development Institute Limited is a Non Profit, Membership supported organization. We Need Your Support to ensure the success of the project. Radio Telescopes and their associated components are expensive to obtain and keep running, not to mention the enormous cost to get the Space Centre constructed in the first place. We already have come a long way towards getting the project up and running. For instance, we already have the Radio Telescopes and much of the equipment we are seeking to use. Much of our equipment and hardware has been donated to us by various organizations and many companies have pledged their support. We are very grateful for any contributions that maybe forthcoming in this regard. The Queensland Government has provided us with the funds to purchase our optical Telescope and we have negotiated a sponsorship arrangement with a very respected distributor of optical telescope products with outlets throughout Australia. The owner of York Optical, Klaus Missins has been very supportive of our project and we will be featuring more on the company in the future.

All of the Founding Members of the Institute here in Australia are members of the SETI League in good standing. We will all continue to be an active part of this very worth while endeavour, and provide the support needed for SETI to succeed. One of the main reasons we wanted to build the Space Centre was to allow the Southern Hemisphere access to a system of verification. Without a verification method in place, we run the risk of a signal being received and it disappearing again before any other site can obtain some position data and get a recording of it's structure. This scenario has been played out in the past as witnessed by the WOW Team from the Big Ear Radio Observatory in 1972. The most important discovery mankind will ever make was missed because by the time the technicians saw the printout it was too late to do anything about it.

We are looking for Technicians, Scientists, Engineers and people with all different skills to get involved with the project. You may have the skills we need or can help out in some way not immediately recognizable. If you think you can help us, send an email to us by clicking the mailbox at the bottom of our welcome screen . So if you don't mind hitting nails with a hammer, digging holes for fence posts or painting walls then we want you . The pay is lousy, the work is hard but the company is great.!!

If you are not listed in the categories above, or don't have the skills suggested, don't be discouraged and think that you would be unable to make a contribution. We want the average person to be involved. Just by becoming a member of the Institute you will be helping us progress towards the eventual goal of completing the Space Centre and starting our Search. Our Project Argus system running at Kenmore, Queensland, Australia, is providing us with some encouraging results, and we have received some flattering comments from other researchers in the field. This encouragement has provided the added impetus to get the centre completed and start resolving data.

Donations of equipment, building materials and furniture will be gratefully received, just sent an email and see if what you have we can use.